About The BYRD


The start of my Journey…

I was born on the south side of Chicago. My parents named me Kiara LeeAnn Byrd, but I like to go by Kiara L. My 9-5 title is a Project Manager in advertising and I juggle being a MBA graduate student after 5pm. The beginning of my journey was after years and years of suppressing trauma from childhood bullying, death of friends to gang violence, self identity issues, and surviving sexual assault. I have always kept myself busy, because as a black women in America, I could not allow these different incidents make me seem “weak”. Little did I know, suppressing my pain was only going to make things worse for me. In 2017, I was diagnosed with high functioning depression which led to a panic disorder. My attacks would happen almost three times a week, last for almost 10 minutes, and they would be painful. It effected my relationship with my partner, my family, and my job. I realized I had to do something about this.

Since I was unable to afford therapy and I did not want to depend on pills, I started reading self-help books. Reading led me to try other techniques like journaling, doing kickboxing, setting personal boundaries, and other things that brought me out of my comfort zone to fully embrace my mental health condition. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Even though I am not done growing, I saved myself when I didn’t know I needed saving or felt that I was worth being saved. I have managed to decrease my attacks greatly and have allowed myself to strengthen my self awareness, strengthen my adaptability to difficult change, and feel more of my emotions than ever. I learned how to navigate through my mental health journey and I hope to help you navigate through yours. Let's be Konfidently Lost together :)