Law of Attraction

Generally the law of attraction is the concept that positive or negative thoughts that you have will eventually create positive or negative experiences. Let’s start with the negative. They say that it is not that you intend for negative things to come your way, but if you take action in trying to fix a problem that you already set in your head that you feel may happen, then guess what, it’s going to happen. You thought you were fixing a problem, when you were literally creating the problem in the first place.

Does this sound familiar? “I just don’t know why, but I can’t stop thinking about has happened to me. Why do I feel I have to protect myself this way and not other ways that doesn’t limit me like this? Why am I so content with being limited? At the end of the day, it’s not my fault, it’s theirs. They did this to me. He lied to me and I sensed danger of the possibility of an imagined scenario that may never come because what if. I reacted to her actions of inconsistency and struggling because she reminded me of my own behavior and numbing myself was the only way for me to avoid it all. I have to act this way because I have a gut feeling it’s going to happen again.“ With saying this to myself, I created a giant snowball effect without even knowing there was snow outside to begin with. We take our situations and make it true for ourselves as a cycle and subconsciously bring them to light. Every situation may not be the same, but you will get to that moment and say see this is why I had to lie to you, this is why I needed the password to your phone, this is why I kept my distance, and this is why I will repeat what I have already done. We get so reactive with people as a shield, that we think we are being proactive after the damage is already done. I know your’e probably thinking damn that does sound like me. We end up not realizing that we are to be taken for granted from people who were just as broken as us because they were hurt by others and we are just another domino. We don’t even try to pull back the layers of our tough skin and take care of the burden we hide. Fear is such an interesting thing. People feed on it for a sense of power and control. Fear fuels the ego and pride that wants to be proven right. Fear can take over your soul that you forget you even have one if you let it. It’s easy to numb yourself by leaving your heart out of situations, giving it only job and that is to keep you breathing. But are you even living by thinking you are sinking into this being that you don’t even recognize anymore? Have these negative thoughts really dictated how you approach anything that you are trying to get accomplished? Have you wondered why you’re always so close and yet never get to that goal you secretly have? Yea, I wonder that too. I know I’m tired of feeling like I have bad luck or feeling that the universe just doesn’t want to see me great. But the thing is I had it all wrong, the universe is just waiting for us to tell us what we truly want and not question about it. Don’t even give life to that fear living inside of you. Yes, acknowledge it because we don’t need any more suppressed pain than we already have buried. But when we know it’s there, it is best to just remind ourselves what we are trying to accomplish and that it is going to happen.

Now here we are on the opposite side of the spectrum. You have decided to only think positive thoughts and positive things are going to happen to you. You have put away all the negative past things and will only focus on bringing this dream love into your life. The thing about the positive energy is that you can not believe in it for it to come to you, you have to embody it.

Does this sound familiar? “ I am obsessed with love. Why is that such a bad thing that I still think it actually exits? I am not talking about hearts and cute hallmark cards. I am talking about that raw, we are in this together love. I am talking about authenticity while being mentally stimulated and bringing in the balance to my imbalance and vice versa.” If that is what you want, then what actions are you taking to get there? For me, I have learned that if I really want to find love, I need to know why; and I am not answering with a sentence or two. I need to really dive deep into why I felt that gaining love from a man was so important to me. What about me, was I not taking care of that I thought would be fulfilled from someone else? Ask this question for yourself, what does this love mean for you? If we really follow this concept and start to be positive about our lives, we have to remember our why’s or those fears will creep up on us so fast, it will be a harder journey. I get it. It is not easy to be real with yourself and to unlearn that in order to love someone, the key is to love yourself first. It is not easy to want something that it so powerful, something that is as fluid as water, you have no idea when it will choose you. Love will test ALL of your patience. But, did you know that when you really start to love the kinks and quirks about you that make you different, that it will actually make you tougher than you ever imagined? Did you know that if you heal yourself from what has caused you pain, you will be able to heal others as well? Yea, I am literally just now learning this myself. Love is very interesting. But, with faith and trusting in the process and yourself, you are going to be shown your own definition of what love means that you will even pat yourself on the back for doing a damn good job in bringing it to life. Yes, love may feel like it is risky, but it is not a risk at all. The risk is not to be disappointed by someone, the risk is a change that you can not see and change you can not simply define. There goes that fear creeping in again. With allowing things to be just the way they are, as they present themselves, you are surrendering your being to an influential power that will completely drive your growth. You will understand how to walk in purpose and K.onfidence. I had it all wrong. I can not be filled by someone if I still only see myself as half. I can not try to “balance” someone when I see myself as an “imbalance”. It just doesn’t work like that. So we must continue to work on ourselves and be as determined in reaching our full potential to get exactly what we want and deserve.

So, what are you attracting?

Kiara Byrd